Get ready for this year's Hack IT on the 26th -27th of August 2022 where some of the best up-and-coming hackers will compete for the trophy and the chance to win 10.000 DKK.

The focus of Hack IT is about learning new skills, meeting new people and having FUN.

The program below is only temporary, but it will give you an idea about what will take place.


Friday the 26th of August:

17.00-17.05: Warm welcome from Dansk IT

17.05-17.15: Leading figures from our sponsors will talk about the importance of cyber skills

17.15-17.30: Introduction to the case and the expectations from our expert judges

17.30-18.00: Get to know your teammates

18.00-19.00Delicious dinner (free)

19.00-:           Let the hacking begin

Saturday the 27th of August:

08.00-09.00: Breakfast with strong coffee

09.00-12.00: Hacking continues, and reports are made

12.00-12.01: The network is closed, and the reports are handed over

12.01-12.30Presentations from the teams

12.30-13.50Lunch and voting from our judges

13.50-14.00Announcement of this year's winner

14.00-14.05Thank you and see you next year